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    GolfTraxx iPhone edition got the OK from iTunes yesterday (wow, they work on the weekends like us in the real world). GolfTraxx is a Golf GPS solution that builds on the company's existing versions for WM, RIM and PalmOS devices.

    GolfTraxx provides golfers distances to:

    • The Front, Center & Back of the green

    • A safe tee target shot

    • Reach & Carry for unlimited extras per hole

    • Stroke & putt scoring

    GolfTraxx is good for the serious golfer, the average golfer, and the casual golfer. If you play golf for skin$ - your FREE investment will pay off in spades.
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    Not sure what happend here, but here we go again.

    GolfTraxx iPhone edition was approved for distribution on iTunes yesterday. GoltTraxx provides users the distance to green Center, Front and Back as well as the distance to a safe tee shot target. On courses that have extras, GolTraxx also provides an unlimited number of hazards per hole and shows both the distance to reach and carry these hazards.

    Users can map their own courses via Google Earth for integration with the GolfTraxx application, or map any of their favorites around the globe.
    10-05-2008 05:10 PM