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    X-Plane 9 : Flight Simulator for iPhone


    I have been wanting a flight simulator application for my computer but my PC doesnt have enough RAM and my MACs OSX isnt updated enough (yeah yeah I know) So for me, I was really excited to get this application. What I am getting at is I have very little experience with operating flight simulators, but heres my take:

    -realistic physics
    -decent landscape (
    -easy controls of plane uses accelerators & touch screen (for Landing Gear, Brake, Throttle, and Flaps)
    -several camera angles
    -lots of applicable situations to fly in
    -UI is nice even trhough is it much more compact compared to X-Plane that runes on a Mac or PC, the interface is well organized.

    -One type of landscape mountainous
    -Only 4 aircrafts
    -It would have been nice to have some missions of some sort. like flying from one airport to another.
    -Crashes may occur to fix this, restart iPhone before running X-Plane (this is a known issue) the app takes up nearly all the RAM on the iPhone.
    -Propeller animation is not realistic

    (landing, without gear)

    (An in-flight camera angle)

    The preference pane, allows you to set random events long/short landing, takeoff, random flight, random location, time of day type of cloud cover, wind speed, type of pane (4 planes) and the weight of the plane and weight distribution.

    18 more screenshots located here.
    09-23-2008 04:34 AM