1. djkilla's Avatar
    I couldn't connect to Netflix using the IFlix app so I thought maybe it's the app and there might be a newer version. I checked the app store and it's gone! I did a search and IFlix is gone. What happened? I checked their website and everything looks normal with no notice or update about their app but it's absolutely gone from the app store. Am I going crazy or did Apple suddenly remove the app?
    09-22-2008 04:10 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    hmmm, I'll look into it for you.
    09-22-2008 05:18 PM
  3. Jeremy's Avatar
    Here you go... iFlix has been removed until Apple approves the new version to fix an issue with users not being able to log in.
    09-22-2008 05:22 PM
  4. djkilla's Avatar
    Bad Ash - Thanks for the quick reply. I feel better now knowing that one of my favorite apps will be back.
    09-22-2008 05:35 PM
  5. jamesus's Avatar
    While waiting, look for Dashbuster Lite and/or PhoneFlix. Both are free.
    09-24-2008 09:23 AM
  6. Jeremy's Avatar
    While waiting, look for Dashbuster Lite and/or PhoneFlix. Both are free.
    Do they all have the same features?
    09-24-2008 09:46 AM
  7. jamesus's Avatar
    Dashbuster lite is nice, as it allows you to move your queue around and search. Very nice interface, but the only thing the lite version doesn't allow you to do is add movies. The full version allows you to do this. Phoneflix you can view your queue, along with the Top 100, etc. This one allows you to add to your queue, but not rearrange it. I wish that PhoneFlix would add the moving of the queue, and then it would be my only Netflix app.

    PS...Dashbuster also allows for Blockbuster accounts, but as I don't have one, I have no idea how it works.
    09-24-2008 09:58 AM
  8. hermdog's Avatar
    About 3 or 4 weeks ago while being on 2.02, the 3rd party apps would consistently crash. Even after doing fresh restores and reloading my apps. It would work for 2 to 3 hours and then none of the 3rd party apps would work. They would load and immediately exit. So I did some testing. I restored my phone and loaded 3rd party apps. The phone was solid for 2 days, obviously no 3rd party apps. So I started loading apps one at a time and the apps worked solid. Until I loaded the last app that I had download iFlix. After loading iFlix everything appeared to be fine but sure enough after a couple of hours, all of my 3rd party apps would crash and burn. So I restored my phone and didn't reload iFlix. And problem was resolved.
    09-24-2008 11:30 AM
  9. jamesus's Avatar
    Good to know. Thanks for the heads up!

    I'm thinking of purchasing the full version of Dashbuster since I think it is only $2.99.
    09-24-2008 11:42 AM
  10. AZMerf's Avatar
    Anybody have both iFlix and Dashbuster for a comparison? iFlix looks like a much nicer program (and iFlix is a little cheaper) but when there is no free trial it's hard to tell.
    09-30-2008 07:45 PM