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    Infiniti Global Solutions, Inc. has teamed up with TD AMERITRADE to release ipTrader - a FREE & easy-to-use iPhone based trading platform that provides TD AMERITRADE customers the ability to access their accounts from almost anywhere, at anytime.

    ipTrader was strategically architected to meet todays rapidly changing stock market, which requires traders to make educated decisions in a moments notice. Users can be certain that they will stay on top of each and every moment during the market hours.

    - Place trades - trade from anywhere, anytime.
    -Check account balances - always know where accounts are standing & view a list of recent transactions.
    -Review positions - access portfolios morning, noon and night. Users never have to guess.
    -Request stock quotes - receive real-time stock quotes with the click of a button.
    -Investigate stock pricing histories - know which stocks are worth buying into and which arent.
    -View dynamic charts - view detailed charts to help make educated buying decisions.
    -Get up-to-date news - know what is going on in the market 24x7.
    -Create a stock Watch list - monitor key stocks.

    ipTrader is a FREE download that can be found within the iPhone App Store. Users can gain access to the application from their iPhone by:
    - Locating the App Store
    - Choosing the Finance category
    - Clicking on the ipTrader icon
    - Initiating the download process


    Infiniti Global Solutions is committed to providing security to all users personal and financial information. For questions regarding the security of this application, please feel free to contact us at info@iptrader.com
    Technical Support

    To Learn more go to: ipTrader - Infiniti Global Solutions, Inc.

    TD AMERITRADE and Infiniti Global Solutions, Inc. are separate and unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each others products and services.

    TD AMERITRADE logo is a registered trademark of TD AMERITRADE Inc. Used with permission.
    09-19-2008 06:02 PM
  2. xxxpunakap's Avatar
    Great app for traders. ipTrader did great job creating this app. This app is the future of mobility. It was capability to do trading by using phone. For me day trading was big concern and in this bad economy to stay on top with your investment this great tool ipTrader provided great solution to it.

    Far most using this app it is very easy to use, quick and user friendly. Look wise it is amazing.
    09-20-2008 02:23 PM
  3. MaxMaxMax's Avatar
    You should also try iStockManager, available at the AppStore

    It's a similar app with more features like streaming real time quotes and level 2.

    (I am the developer)
    09-22-2008 04:14 PM