1. nuclearnova's Avatar
    After a long two week wait for Apple to review my game, GL Golf is finally available on the iTunes App store. Apple hasn't indexed the searches and I can't post links yet, so to find the program just got to Games, then the top 100 paid, and look around position 70-90 for GL Golf (position may change but thats where it is now)

    Any feedback is welcome, this is my first program I've released on the iPhone and I'm looking to improve it with a v1.1 update.

    Porting over the game was a great and easy experience and I highly recommend it to anyone who has programmed Mac software with Cocoa.
    09-14-2008 12:51 PM
  2. jamesus's Avatar
    Looks very promising. I will have to give this a go...thanks!
    09-16-2008 09:49 AM
  3. iphonetom's Avatar
    Looking good, I'll check it out.
    09-16-2008 10:14 AM
  4. iphone3g's Avatar
    where link to download game
    10-06-2008 02:41 AM
  5. shawnonmobile's Avatar
    Nuclear Nova Software introduces GL Golf 1.0, their award winning 3D golfing game for iPhone and iPod Touch. By leveraging the iPhone's unique abilities and interface, this Open GL game offers a realistic physics system and smooth, fluid graphics for compelling game-play
    10-08-2008 11:39 PM
  6. nuclearnova's Avatar
    iPhone3g, do a search for GL Golf on iTunes

    Just an update, a free four hole version, GL Golf Lite, is now available on iTunes. I've also worked on the game a little for version 1.01, but I'll have to wait until November and December to optimize the game engine, add new courses, and improve the graphics.
    10-10-2008 04:22 PM
  7. wonderwall's Avatar
    Yes it is looking nice...I wish to try it
    10-25-2008 03:56 AM
  8. shawnonmobile's Avatar
    Apples sense of good design is apparent from the time your first gaze on the packaging.
    10-29-2008 11:51 PM
  9. calbrown's Avatar
    There are a lot of great apps for golf. There a rangefinder/scorecard called ViewTi that looks pretty amazing. Their website is ViewTi - Home Page
    11-01-2008 04:10 AM
  10. nuclearnova's Avatar
    It's been a while, but here are two more updates on the GL Golf franchise -

    1) GL Golf Deluxe released - Twenty-Two course for $9.99 (on a special release discount, normally $14.99) . Check it out here - http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...mUvbUpU1463626

    2) GL Golf is now on discount to $5.99 (normally $7.99) for the same time that GL Golf Deluxe is on discount. The last update also added a sixth course. Link still in the first post of the thread.

    Any feedback is welcome, especially since there is a free lite version to try.
    01-13-2009 01:39 PM
  11. nuclearnova's Avatar
    I just wanted to inform anyone who subscribed to this thread that GL Golf Standard is on sale for a limited time at $0.99. After a short period of time it will return to the original $5.99 price point. I've been reluctant to drop the price, but with all of the competition on the app store I'm willing to try this price point for a short time.

    I'm also giving out a few free iTunes codes for GL Golf Deluxe (USA Only, sorry but I tried to give to a user to try in another country and iTunes gave an error). If you're willing to give an HONEST review on iTunes (1 star, 5 star, doesn't matter as long as its honest) send me an email to sales at nuclearnova.com within the next day or two with why you deserve a code and I'll send you one if I have any left.

    Again, any feedback is welcome. I'm in the process of adding a Practice mode to the game so you can try the same holes over and over again with infinite mulligans, as well as adding some other features from the mac version.
    02-27-2009 04:49 PM