1. developiphonegames98's Avatar
    I am in need of some help for some research pertaining to iPhone Games/Apps. I know that Apple is approaching 50 MM downloads. I am looking to see if there is any published data on the actual amount of downloads pertaining to paid games/apps. Meaning I need to know how many downloads a specific game/app actually are downloaded (only care about ones for sale).

    So if you know of any sites publishing this data, please email me. Or if you have a paid game/app, if you feel confident to share this information it will be appreciated. You can just email me the game/app (subject - you dont have to give me the name), the price, how many downloads, and how long it has been on itunes.

    Also, if you are a developer I am in need of someone to create a few simple apps. We will pay an hourly rate to develop.

    Email me at ttkauffman (at) yahoo (dot) com.

    09-14-2008 12:00 PM
  2. Galley's Avatar
    The latest figure is 100 million downloads.
    09-14-2008 06:56 PM