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    If your like me then you have been waiting for an instant messaging client on the iPhone that will connect to other IM services besides AIM. IM+ will allow you to connect to AIM, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber, GoogleTalk and MySpaceIM all from one client.

    The app is very clean and easy to use, once you configure your IM accounts. Logging in to your accounts couldn't be easier. A simple interface allows you to select your online status. The only thing to remember is that once you lock or put your iPhone to sleep the app will logout all IM client connections.

    Overall the app is a great application with a great
    09-02-2008 02:23 PM
  2. iphonefans's Avatar
    Good Web App
    09-05-2008 05:41 AM
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    Dear users,

    Thank you for reviewing IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger.
    IM+ was much improved from that day.
    It is a native iPhone application now and has two versions:
    • All basic functionality
    • Stay online with IM Push - even when the application is switched off, you still remain online
    • Full compability with 2.2 firmware
    • Multilanguage interface
    • Purchase at $9,99 in App Store

    IM+ Lite:
    • All popular IMs in one client
    • No cost per message
    • Simple and User friendly interface
    • Inbox view to keep an eye on all open dialogs and unread messages
    • Free!

    The award winning IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger for chats within AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM from any iPhone and iPod Touch
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    12-24-2008 10:41 AM