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    Twinkle Review:
    07-19-2008 02:31 PM
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    First off what is Twinkle?

    Twinkle is a new FREE social Networking app that was released on the 17th. It supports some nice features such as Full Twitter support, Chat with people nearby to you, Attach pictures to your posts, and updating of your location!
    Since the 2.0 release I have been busy trying out all the different Social apps, I even tried out Zintin
    If youve used Zintin before this is basically the same thing, only MUCH MUCH better. This is actually a keeper for me.

    So youve downloaded Twinkle? What to do first?

    First things first, Register/Create your account. You get here by going to the settings button on the bottom right. You will notice I was able to choose a photo of myself (you can either snap a new Pic or choose an existing)
    Next thing you need to type in the email address you would like to use, and you will notice I have my twitter switched to on (when you do this it will ask you to type in your twitter username and password)
    Now that youve registered lets get started on some of the things you can do!

    On the home screen you will see all of my Twitter tweets in the yellow chat bubbles, all of those are from Twitter. You can actually click on these bubbles and use some twitter options like stop following them or view their profile or you can even send them messages back.

    Next youve got your messages (these are messages that people send you from twitter or from Twinkle, they can send you messages while in the nearby screen if youre chatting)

    Now I find the fact that I can view my Tweets from this app, and even reply to them pretty cool. But its really not the main focus of the application Id have to say the main portion is the Nearby feature.
    Once you go in here you will notice you have an option at the top to change you can view within 1,2,5,10,25,50,100 and 1,000 miles.
    Consider this just a Geo chat room. It will pop in everyone who is talking and located close to you. I really like this! A good way to meet people and just chat away if youre bored. I stayed in here for around 30 minutes posted some pictures and got some laughs and good comments on some of the Pics that I posted =)
    The interface and look and feel of the application is really nice, and stability wise It has not crashed on me once! Heres 2 more pictures of me posting a message and you can even see what it looks like in the nearby feature when everyone views your message.


    1. Geo Chat room- meet new people
    2. Full Twitter support
    3. Post pictures, snap new ones or use current!
    4. Very Stable has not crashed once!
    If you're a chatter or are even remotely interested/curious to see who is around you and who has an iPhone this is worth checking out!

    I have to say it was hard to find a Con to this app, but there was one MINOR and I mean minor thing was when I was on edge it took a little bit to update things/ get my nearby loaded. I can't say that I should fault this to the app though that's all about connection, which is why i'm giving the app a 4.5 out of 5!

    Scoring in at 4.5 out of 5!!

    I have included some other attached photos of the application.
    07-19-2008 02:32 PM