Sell Your Old iPhone For Cash!

What's my iPhone worth?
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    $9.99 US

    PocketMoney is the best financial manager app for the iPhone out right now. It lets you keep track of all of your finances so you are up to date.

    You can add as many accounts as you'd like (i.e. checking, savings, credit cards). Most of the options you need are there and everything is easy to set up. You can create your own categories if none exists and you can even check off things that actually have already been cleared. You can also view different reports and have it generate a pie chart, which is nice to have to get some visual aid that you spend too much money on crap. There is also a password feature so people checking out your cool iPhone can't access the app.

    One of my biggest gripes about this app though, is that you cannot create any recurring deductions from your bank account. Once they create that, it will beat my favorite app on WM, SPB Finance. There are also a couple bugs like sometimes it won't open properly. The only solution I found was to reset the phone and then it will come up.

    Overall this is a great app that's easy to use and follow, but needs a little tweaking to the features to be better than SPB Finance.

    I give it a 4 out of 5 stars

    Easy to use and follow.
    Password feature.
    Easily edit transactions.

    Needs recurring deductions (BIG BIG MUST)
    Fix little bugs.
    More features to match up with SPB Finance.

    *EDIT* Someone please review SplashMoney!
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    request for Splash Money here
    10-21-2008 11:19 AM