1. Meh_whatever's Avatar
    Okay, it advertises that it contains Jirbo Avatar, Jirbo Match and Jirbo Says.

    In truth, it only has the last 2. You have to download Jirbo Avatar separately if you wanna sync to the Web with your high scores and such. Not a biggie, as you really don't need this, I suppose. I have it. It's sorta neat.

    Anyway, it's not exactly state of the art gaming, but the titles speak for themselves. Jirbo Match is a matching game, and Jirbo Says is pretty much like Simon Says, only with cute little Jirbo characters instead of lights.

    I like it for flexing my mental muscles when I start to feel sluggish. And my kids are easily distracted by it.

    And it is free.

    I like free apps.
    07-14-2008 01:03 PM