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    AIM (Free)
    AIM finally comes to the iPhone. You can now send FREE SMS messages and chat with your friends on the go. It is still a little buggy and you're still not able to turn that annoying AIM sound off, and when you exit you sign out. A lot of potential with the Push Notification service coming out in September.

    Box Office (Free)
    The easiest way to see movie times and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes. Very easy to navigate and flip through multiple theaters around your location. The location feature also finds movie theaters around you, say if you're visiting friends in another state or traveling around. I can see myself using this a lot when I'm out with friends.

    EasyTask Manager (Free)
    I haven't had a chance to completely use this app because I've only had it for a few days. But from the few things I entered to do, it is very handy and is simplistic. Online syncing is also a nice feature to have if you want to see what you need to do on the web.

    Enigmo ($9.99)
    To start off, this is the only app I've paid for and is easily my favorite. This fun and challenging game has you redirecting water droplets and fire balls into the correct container. Once you reach 40 you pass the level. I can certainly say the $9.99 price tag is justified and see myself playing this game wherever I go. It does have a learning curve, but by level 4 or 5 you have it down pat.

    Facebook (Free)
    The native Facebook app is leagues better than the web app. Very easy to use and intuitive. I especially like how it integrates with the iPhone, because if you tap on a friend's phone number on their profile it starts calling them. Chat is easily my favorite feature since it allows you to send quick messages to any of your online friends and feels just like SMS messaging but with instant sending. The one lacking feature is not being able to write on people's walls but I predict an update will let you in the near future. Definitely worth getting if you're into the social networking scene.

    Midomi (Free)
    Ever have a song stuck in your head all day but can't remember what song it is? Hear a lyric on the radio but missed who the artist is? Yeah, me too. Midomi solves this problem in a simple and dead accurate way. Hold the phone up to the radio, hum the tune, or type in a portion of lyrics and Midomi will pop up with a list of songs it thinks you want. It will save you a lot of aggravation of having a song in your head all day.

    MySpace Mobile (Free)
    I know you still use MySpace, I won't tell anyone, we all do. Meet someone new and want to add them as a friend right away? No problem. This native app runs a lot smoother than the actual website believe it or not. It's fairly straight forward and great if you want to send a friend a message or leave them a comment. Even cooler, fire up MySpace Mobile take a picture or upload one you just took to share it with your friends instantly. I like this full featured app and will probably use it anytime I need to without waiting until I get to a computer. In fact I'd rather use this app instead of the actual website.

    NetNewsWire (Free)
    Are you following Engadget, Gizmodo, the iPhone Blog, and Digg? Why load each page individually when you can combine all those RSS Feeds in one app? You can create an account online enter in all your favorite websites with RSS feeds and be up to date all the time. Each story also looks fantastic and images are displayed just as they would if you were on the actual page, so you'll never be behind the latest news. I've used this app numerous times each day I've had my iPhone and it cuts down my surfing and loading time down substantially. It's easy to manage and did I mention the FREE part!

    Twitteriffic (Free version)
    This app I will use every day, many times a day for as long as I have an iPhone. It's everything you'd want in an app for Twitter. It's easy to see what you're friends are doing in a stylish way and feels just like the desktop client for Mac. Did one of your friends twitter a link? No problem, Twitteriffic opens those webpages directly in the app without having to exit to open Safari. Easy to set up and update your status. The free version has occasional adds show up in your list of tweets but they are the most non obtrusive ads ever. You can also buy the premium version without the ads for $9.99 but for me the free version is more than awesome. But be warned, it's highly addictive.
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    Does Twitterific use SMS? I am not planning on getting a big SMS plan and was wondering what this program uses to communicate. The App description does not say and I cannot find an answer anywhere.
    07-13-2008 01:39 PM
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    Does Twitterific use SMS? I am not planning on getting a big SMS plan and was wondering what this program uses to communicate. The App description does not say and I cannot find an answer anywhere.
    It communicates directly with the twitter servers. No SMS plan required.
    07-13-2008 01:41 PM
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    Awesome... downloading it now! Thanks for the quick response.
    07-13-2008 01:57 PM