1. Billsteve's Avatar
    I think that Microsoft office is a must for the new app store. I know you can view some of them as an e-mail attachment.

    anyone know if they plan to do anything else? they need to if they want to win the business market, right?
    07-03-2008 08:57 PM
  2. jasonact's Avatar
    Microsoft has certainly expressed some interest in developing for the iPhone. (why wouldn't they?)

    But I think it would be very difficult to edit Office docs on the iPhone, although presumably less difficult than on other mobile devices. I used to have a Handspring Visor with a mobile version of Office on it, and it was VERY tedious, but usable.

    Ultimately, I can't see how Office can not be on the iPhone, but it may take a while.
    07-03-2008 11:42 PM
  3. NPR_Aficionado's Avatar
    I would agree that having document editing capability is essential. I was fairly good at editing/creating office documents on my Handspring Visor ages ago. One would not try to do extensive work on such a small device, but if you already have an excel document created and laid out, then the data input is simple, even on a small device.
    07-07-2008 09:34 PM