1. abalboa3's Avatar
    I realize this is a wish list, but anyone else experiencing the GPS either taking a very long time to locate you, or not doing so at all? Mine was working fine and for some reason since yesterday afternoon it's been having some issues.
    07-15-2008 09:42 AM
  2. delrey#IM's Avatar
    My wife has asked me to write an application that would enable us to locate each other on the map. Also to write an application that enables one to set a location "bookmark"; for example, before walking into a mall or airport, one could hit an on-screen button and save the location of one's parked car so one can easily re-locate it later, or transmit the location to one's spouse (or other selected folks) to enable him or her to find it.
    Are you going to do this one? I'd certainly use it -- even though you can do it with the Google maps app it's kind of a pain and I'd love to see a specialized app for the convenience!

    Oh, I see someone has created "G-Park" thought they didn't get great reviews :-(
    07-17-2008 05:53 PM
  3. Aquia33's Avatar
    I would like to see an App that sends GPS data over bluetooth in NMEA 0183 format so my Blue2Can could then geotag images on my Nikon D2Xs.
    01-10-2009 07:57 AM
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