1. snifferpro's Avatar
    Hi. I work construction and I'm looking for a dust proof case for my I8.

    I don't need water-proof, but if that's what it takes to get a Dust Proof case
    so be it.

    Thanks in advance.
    03-02-2019 06:15 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Lifeproof sets the gold standard when it comes to these types of cases. Here’s one for iPhone 8:


    I personally prefer their Nüüd line because it delivers the same protection against the elements without the need for a screen cover. Unfortunately it’s not listed anywhere for iPhone 8 on Lifeproof’s site (I found a link but it’s broken) so it might be discontinued.
    03-02-2019 06:56 AM
  3. Tpence2177's Avatar
    Agreed. If you can wireless charge where you never have to open the port it should be completely dust proof. I don’t get much dust in my Xr lifeproof case with occasionally wire charging.
    03-02-2019 09:49 AM
  4. snifferpro's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your replies. I will probably go with the lifeproof case.

    Again, thanks.
    03-05-2019 04:56 AM

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