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    Hello Community,

    My basic question is has anyone had a similar experience to mine (see below) and what did they do about it.

    I have been an Iphone owner since 2010 when the Iphone 4 was released. I have loved apple products ever since. After today however, I may NEVER buy and apple product again. My wife's Iphone 8 was purchased 10/2017 and over the last month or so, we had noticed some power issues. The phone would go from 100% to 20% then when plugged in it would be fully charged in a matter of minutes. It sounded like the battery was having issues which apparently is a common issue. I was aware of Apple's battery replacement program for $29 so I figured that we would fix her phone by replacing the battery. Unfortunately, her phone completely stopped charging on 11/9/2018. Again, I did not think too much of it. Iphone charging issues and battery issues seem to be common place and I figured with some basic troubleshooting I could fix it. I WAS WRONG. The phone would not wirelessly charge nor would it charge when plugged in.

    I then set up an appointment for her phone to have the battery replaced through the Apple Store. The gentleman I spoke with (Shawn) ran some tests and he stated that the phone was not getting power and typically a battery replacement would not work but he wanted to try anyway. At this point I thought something seemed off since he knew that whatever my problem was a battery replacement would not work but I trusted he knew what he was doing. So, I wait an hour and a half with my wife and daughter until the replacement was done. I get back to the store and speak to a woman named Michelle. Michelle said that the battery was not the problem but that she was willing to replace my phone for the cost of the battery replacement ($29). I found this extremely odd for a few reasons:

    1. My Iphone warranty was expired by a month (purchased 10/2017 and problem found 11/2018).

    2. They were offering a brand new replacement for only $29.

    3. Michelle was very vague on the details of what was wrong with my wife's phone.

    I pressed her with questions because none of this made any sense. I asked her what the problem was and why it could not be fixed. Michelle said they believed it may be an issue with the LOGIC BOARD. I asked her if she has ever seen this problem before. She said it was very rare but that is why we could get the phone replaced for only $29. When I asked if I could have written documentation of the problem or email she said no we could not have the technicians notes. It seemed like Michelle said we can attempt to retrieve the data on our own and she will hold the new phone for 1 month. When I asked how will I show them proof of the problem when I come back she said it will be "in the system." Michelle seemed to know something that I didn't but she was very vague with answering my questions. I told Michelle the data is very important to us and we will try to retrieve it and then come back. At this point, I felt something was very off so I started to research on my own what the issues were with the "LOGIC BOARD."

    After some digging on the web, the truth came out... some Iphone 8's had defective LOGIC BOARDS. Not only that, there was a FREE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM for defective devices. Michelle NEVER mentioned this was a KNOWN Iphone 8 issue and NEVER mentioned there was a FREE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM. Not only that, this program had a 3 year from purchase expiration date. It all made sense. I was extremely frustrated because Apple CLEARLY kept this defect quiet. I am constantly updated on current apple news and I had never heard of it. After reading a few articles, they even said Apple started a replacement program but were trying to keep it quiet. So, not only did Apple not contact people directly who were affected, but they then try to keep it hush hush to save money. If I knew there was a problem, I could have fixed it before the problem became irreversible.

    This may cost me pictures and video of my first born that I will never get back. I'm so frustrated and angry Apple would keep such a thing hidden (or at least quiet). Then the icing on the cake is that the Apple store tried to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the fact I knew nothing about the FREE REPLACEMENT PROGRAM by charging me $29 to replace the phone. What a dishonest thing to do. I think this may be the final straw with Apple. I can't stand a business who intentionally tries to scam their customers. I will be switching to another phone when this is all settled.

    I am asking for help from anyone who may have had a similar issue and any advice moving forward. Does anyone know a company who can retrieve data off a phone with logic board issues?

    Thank you all in advance.
    11-12-2018 10:29 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    1. You could have gotten a whole new device for $29 even though the warranty had expired. That's an outstanding deal, in my opinion.

    2. Is any of the data on the device Synced to either iTunes or iCloud? If so, either login to iCloud to retrieve the data or get the synced data off your hard drive.
    11-13-2018 09:37 AM
  3. Lambertoid's Avatar
    $29.00 for a replacement is a great deal. Honestly if you were to have this issue with an Android device I don’t see them giving that kind of service.
    11-13-2018 04:03 PM
  4. jb_ez86's Avatar
    When they replaced my logic board it took about two weeks from the day Apple took it to send it out and for me to recurve it back. The Apple store said they were not equipped to do it on site. But the phone works perfect and they also replaced my battery. That’s for my daughters iPhone 7 Plus.
    11-13-2018 04:24 PM
  5. jb244661's Avatar
    Thanks for the responses. I really just needed to rant.

    I 100% agree $29 is a great deal for a new phone. But, my phone falls under the free logic board replacement program. A program I was not aware of and one the apple genius did not mention. So I felt like they were trying to pull a fast one on me.

    As for backing up the phone, I do it manually. Icloud only has 5 gb for me since I don't pay monthly for storage. My computer had died so I was not able to back it up. It was just the perfect storm and I realize any data lost is on me. It just added to the frustration of the situation. Apple could have emailed people who had defective devices but didn't and making it sound like they are doing me a favor for replacing the phone for $29 when the defect is on them is also irritating.

    Im attempting to send my phone off to a recovery company and then will request the $29 to be waived. If not then Ill just pay it and move on.
    11-13-2018 06:10 PM

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