1. ItnStln's Avatar
    I came across this when I was looking at the different gestures for the iPhone X:
    Life after the Home button: The iPhone X gestures guide
    10-31-2017 01:07 PM
  2. ItnStln's Avatar
    My apologies I thought I was in the iPhone X section. Can a mod move this please?
    Annie_M likes this.
    10-31-2017 01:08 PM
  3. eversysx's Avatar
    10-31-2017 01:12 PM
  4. ItnStln's Avatar
    It's Tapatalk, I swear!
    10-31-2017 01:43 PM
  5. BreakingKayfabe's Avatar
    Man, I really dread the day that I move on to an iPhone without a physical home button. This thing is like having homework.
    Tartarus likes this.
    10-31-2017 01:45 PM
  6. eversysx's Avatar
    Tapatalk is garbage.
    Tartarus likes this.
    10-31-2017 02:13 PM
  7. ItnStln's Avatar
    Tapatalk is garbage.
    It used to be great but it keeps getting worse.
    Tartarus likes this.
    10-31-2017 02:54 PM
  8. eversysx's Avatar
    The newest update is a diarrhea shake.
    And sometimes I cant even reply.
    11-01-2017 01:25 AM

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