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    Just on the ipad as well. Some prefer the 9.7 incher. I prefer the 12.9 incher.
    02-14-2018 11:53 PM
  2. Cladster's Avatar
    Where you really notice the difference between the X and plus is if you watch surf videos on Instagram feeds, they just looks weirdly narrow on the X.

    I gave the 8 plus I got to my wife and have beeen using her 6S plus and the X is in the draw. I paid $807Aud for the 8 plus 256gb 10 days old. The 6S plus was $600 over a year ago new and still like new and my X64Gb was $1579 new on release.
    Is it worth $772 over the 8 plus or $979 over the 6S plus? no way imo.
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    02-17-2018 02:48 AM
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