1. Jude526's Avatar
    I am with Verizon. Even when sold always upgraded with carrier.
    Now that I have switched to Apple (Jan 2017)
    how do you prefer to upgrade and why ?

    Do you continue with your carrier or do you prefer to get your phone with Apple?

    Does Apple offer trade in values and is Apple care better than Assurion offered with carrier?
    11-17-2017 06:12 PM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    I always got my iPhones through Apple and I prefer AppleCare over Assurion (less hassle).
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    11-17-2017 06:16 PM
  3. cwbcpa's Avatar
    I go through Verizon and I bought Apple Care this year. I have not always bought it but I do think it's worth it. Especially with these all glass phones. If you are going to upgrade every year and get Apple Care you might as well go to Apple directly and do their upgrade program.

    Maybe someone who has gone that route can chime in.
    11-17-2017 06:23 PM
  4. calebt's Avatar
    It doesn't really matter to me, I usually buy phone outrightly anyways, so who ever has the phone I'm looking for at the time that's where I go. This time I bought 8 plus at Bestbuy and Apple Care.
    11-17-2017 06:25 PM
  5. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Although I buy Verizon model iPhones, I don’t necessarily buy them from Verizon. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. I prefer to buy from Apple because I enjoy the store and the experience without the sell tactics used by carrier sales people.
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    11-17-2017 07:27 PM
  6. Jude526's Avatar
    Is Apple care same price as Assurion and what’s the difference between them?
    11-17-2017 08:16 PM
  7. Sherry_B's Avatar
    I prefer to buy directly from Apple.

    @Jude526 Apple Care will give you your phone back after it's repaired. Most, not all, carriers will send you a refurb instead of your original phone.
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    11-18-2017 10:55 AM

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