1. Jude526's Avatar
    Verizon isn’t having any deals except for when you buy an iphone you can get an ipad at a discounted price. I don’t need another ipad. I have the 12.9 pro and am loving the beast. I did finally break down and ordered the Apple Pencil. I have been thinking about it for months now and now that Verizon has it, I decided to get it. I am treating myself and with all have been dealing with, I deserve it. I know I will use it mainly as a stylus and I will take notes with it. I do like to dabble with sketching, at least I was decent in high school...yrs ago. So am excited to try it. I will be getting the 8+ in a couple of months if all goes well. I could pay off on my 7+ what I need to pay to get it now. But am hoping they run a promotion in a couple of months.
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    11-25-2017 03:06 PM
  2. naddy6969's Avatar
    Because I got a brand new, sealed box, 256GB 8 plus for $650. No way I’m paying twice that for a 256GB 10 with a smaller screen.
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    11-27-2017 12:29 AM
  3. razza1987's Avatar
    I played around with the iPhone X in store yesterday before deciding to go with the eight plus. I tend to only keep my phones for twelve months so I “lease” them instead of buying them. Coming from a 6+ I wanted an upgrade of it. I have been using the 6+ ever since I got it. I also hated the lack of a home button when I was using the iPhone X in store yesterday. Tbh I can’t wait to see what apple comes out with in September 2018 and with me being able to upgrade at the end of November whenever I go to upgrade again I should be able to easily get a phone after a September release with there being more stock. I got a very good deal yesterday. 8gb of data, iPhone 8+ 64gb model, iPad, accessories (cover for both iPad and iPhone, cases for both iPad and iPhone and stylus) and insurance for $137 per month. Can’t get much better than that
    11-29-2017 09:37 PM
  4. razza1987's Avatar
    For me it's mostly availability and a little bit the high price. I will be going over to a contract where I can get a new phone every year and send the old back. And after reading that the X is a test run for next year's iPhone I will be getting 8 Plus now.
    This is the kind of contract I have. Plus paying almost $200 means getting a new phone once per year
    11-29-2017 09:39 PM
  5. Raptor007's Avatar
    The reason I opted for the X was the device size. I wanted to have nearly the same screen real estate as the Plus without the overall bulk of the forehead and chin the Touch ID phones have. If they do a Plus version of the X next year I don't see me rushing to it as I have the right screen size now.
    12-01-2017 09:15 PM
  6. AugustVance's Avatar
    I went from the 7plus to the X. Decided that it just wasn’t for me. Yes I loved the designs, the gesture based UI. However, I will wait for the XPlus next year. Hopefully they will get the oled screen problems I was having under control. Although, this LCD on the 8plus is gorgeous.
    12-02-2017 03:16 PM
  7. hodad66's Avatar
    for me it was the painful act of texting with my big, dumb, fingers. I'm using a
    5S and wanted some drastic relief from all my mistakes!! [BOX][/BOX]
    12-05-2017 09:36 PM
  8. ladyc0524's Avatar
    Had the X and was going to sell my 8 plus. Glad I didn’t because I wasn’t feeling the X at all. Returned the X and kept the plus. Much much happier.
    Same. Used the X for 7 days and switched to Verizon. Didn’t work out. And I wasn’t feeling the X at all. Went back to my 7 Plus and T-Mobile
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    12-05-2017 11:29 PM
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