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    I just ran into an unexpected problem while trying to sync my iPhone with my PC. I've synced my phone to the computer many times in the past with no problem but this morning the computer would not recognize that the phone was connected when I plugged it into the PC. I'm using the latest versions of iTunes and iOS and am connecting to the computer via a powered USB hub. I tried the solutions I could find on the internet but to no avail, then tried restarting both the phone and PC and still no recognition. I plugged a memory stick into the USB hub and it worked perfectly, which made me think the hub was fine, right??.....WRONG!! I next tried plugging the phone directly into the computer and everything worked as expected. After much experimentation I found the following solution:
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    I unplugged the USB hub from the computer then plugged it back in after a few seconds to force the computer to re-recognize the hub. I got an error message saying something about a device that had tried drawing too much current from the hub ports that I use for the iPhone or iPad and instructions how to reset the hub. I followed the instructions and everything is working again. I'm not sure why restarting the computer wouldn't have generated that message but it didn't. I've duplicated the problem by connecting my iPad to the hub while the hub was not powered and that appears to be what caused the problem in the first place.
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    Welcome to iMore.

    What version of Windows are you running on your PC? Have you tried connecting your iPhone directly to a port on your PC that is not a hub?
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