1. Aaraiz Zeeshan's Avatar
    So i bought the iPhone 7 Otterbox defender series from amazon frustration free and i received the product. Im not sure if its real or fake because the back design is different from the rest. Real or fake????

    /Users/114219/Desktop/Photo on 2-7-18 at 8.54 PM.jpg
    02-07-2018 09:54 PM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Kind of hard to tell because your image didn’t post. If it shipped directly from Amazon then I’m sure it’s real.
    02-07-2018 10:23 PM
  3. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    A real Otterbox will have a code either on the box or on the case, I can’t remember which off the top of my head. That code is to register your Defender on Otterbox’s website. I just checked my Defender, that code should be on the box somewhere.
    02-07-2018 11:27 PM

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