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    Did not backup all songs or videos then with built in camera. Was able to get music back from another computer.

    I was told by the Apple peep that the iPhone and all devices the password still stays with the phone even though the backup are deleted simply because the passwords are associated with the users Apple ID.
    09-05-2017 12:22 AM
  2. Sherry_B's Avatar
    I always understood iCloud backups do not contain encrypted data such as health data.
    By default iCloud backups are automatically encrypted, which does include health data.

    iTunes backups will contain encrypted data as it's via USB.
    Not by default. You have to manually enable the option in iTunes and also set a special password for it. When you choose that option it will encrypt your saved passwords, health data, website history, and wifi settings.
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    09-05-2017 04:35 PM
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