1. trevdye's Avatar
    Hi there !
    I have chosen the Battery icon to be displayed on my widgets screen (that you swipe from the left to display on my iphone 7) and it is not displayed?
    I have unselected it and reselected it be no way is it showing....
    Anyone any ideas?
    Thanks !
    02-02-2017 05:18 AM
  2. dpscott's Avatar
    Generally speaking the battery widget only appears when an accessory such as Bluetooth headphone or Apple Watch as the battery of the phone is shown in the status bar.

    Have you got something connected?
    02-02-2017 05:21 AM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    Yes, the stock battery widget only shows when another device is connected. There are many battery apps that you can use that will show your battery info on a widget.
    Battery Doctor is a good one.
    02-02-2017 05:56 AM
  4. trevdye's Avatar
    no, nothing....
    02-02-2017 07:42 AM

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