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    I recently purchased the new "groundbreaking" iPhone 7 with high hopes that I would be amazed, and to my surprise I was. It wasn't as groundbreaking as Apple made it out to be but it was able to still impress me. Starting off with the basics it just looks amazing. They continued to make the iPhone look as gorgeous as before. The new colors black and Jetblack made me take longer to decide which one I get this time but I broke down and got the matte black which I have not regretted since. The new ios pairs beautifully with the iPhone 3D touch and its camera. The camera now better than ever comes with 4k filming in not just the plus model but the regular 4.7-inch model as well along with camera stabilization which is perfect for using snapchat while hiking or just plain walking. The pictures come out as clear as can be and contain so much detail allowing even closer zoom-ins to edit and crop as much as you please. Even with its improvements, it has its drawbacks in forms of its operating system and physical attributes. The first one being that it still is possible to bend. True it may not be as bad as exploding i.e. the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but it is still something that should've been fixed since it has been two years since the first time the problem occurred. Not having a headphone jack at first seemed like it wasn't going to be an issue since they gave you an adapter for your previous headphones and they gave you a pair of their headphones with the lightning cable on the end, but there is a problem when I want to listen to music and charge at the same time. This mostly happens while I'm in the car or out on a hike and want to use my portable charger. Two generations later and apple can still not make an iPhone with a better-looking screen or a stronger screen. Most other brands of smartphones come with a 2k display now and the iPhone's display just looks weak in comparison. They have made it tougher but the screen still cracks easily even from a small drop. The phone at the end of the day is still an amazing phone with several new features that make it worth it but the competition is higher than ever before and Apple will need to make those improvements if they want to keep up.
    12-06-2016 01:36 AM

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