1. kristenelaine1991's Avatar
    I'm debating between getting an iphone 7 or a galaxy 7. can anyone that has this phone tell me pros and cons of it?
    11-01-2016 07:07 PM
  2. TripleOne's Avatar
    Pros: iOS, smooth, fast, will last you for years to come with supported software updates, great camera, it just works.

    Cons: no headphone jack, simple and no customisation.
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    11-01-2016 08:15 PM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Quality build
    Fast processor
    Excellent memory management
    Excellent camera
    iCloud integration
    Well supported
    Easy to use
    Tons of available apps

    Not as open as Android
    May not allow for deep tweaking of settings.
    No SD card slot
    Can't set certain non-Apple apps as the default.
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    11-01-2016 08:16 PM
  4. Smort's Avatar
    It's not an Android.

    It's not an Android.
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    11-03-2016 10:43 PM
  5. T48's Avatar
    I'm debating between getting an iphone 7 or a galaxy 7. can anyone that has this phone tell me pros and cons of it?
    Not without you saying what you want your phone to do or what other devices you have such as an ipad or Mac?
    Since you are on an Apple forum, most will tell you the iP7. Also kind of assuming that is the way you are leaning given that you are here?

    Do you have an Apple store nearby for service? For me it is 100+ miles each way. Not exactly just around the corner.
    But Samsung service is mostly mail to TX service dept. Could be a big difference for some right there.

    Regardless, here are all of the specs compared side by side at link.
    Apple iPhone 7 vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 - GSMArena.com

    & these guys are fairly objective comparing both devices.
    Apple iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Battle of the sevens - Pocketnow
    11-04-2016 01:52 AM
  6. SamStone333's Avatar
    I had owned iPhones from iPhone 3 to iPhone 5 but after the 5 I went to various Samsung devices exclusively. The new benchmarks for the iPhone 7 made me take another look at the device and I ended up getting one the first day that they went on sale in Thailand. I had gotten away from the phablet-sized devices so I went with the 7 instead of the 7+. Pluses, it's so fast and smooth and it seems that everything works the way it should every time.

    Minuses are having to use iTunes to transfer my songs, etc. every time I want to put a new song or album on my phone I have to fire up iTunes. My biggest complaint is no notification LED, anytime that I'm around the phone I will hear it or see if a message, etc, comes in but when I come in from jogging, etc. I like just looking and seeing if the notification light is on. With the iPhone I have to pick it up and manually look at notifications. Still I am still using it and the lack of an LET light isn't that much after you get used to it.
    11-04-2016 01:08 PM
  7. T48's Avatar
    Totally agree with the LED light & itunes. Both of those are the two things that keep me hesitant about switching over.
    11-05-2016 02:18 AM
  8. Alain_A's Avatar
    Isn't it when receiving a notification the screen light up untill one look at it?
    11-06-2016 11:09 AM

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