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    FYI...there's a double edge sword with respect to full retail whether Verizon model or SIM Free Model.

    The minute you put your SIM card in and activate the device, it WILL 100% be locked to the carrier who's SIM you use. This is because the law or lack thereof works both ways.

    Carriers are legally allowed to lock your your device if you want to use their service. That said, since u paid full retail, they are REQUIRED to UNLOCK the device at your request since you are not under contract.

    However, the stipulation to unlock is usually that you are leaving the Carrier. So essentially: being unlocked and working on CDMA and GSM is really only advantageous for getting more money for sale or trade or if you actually plan on leaving your carrier.

    It's all pretty ridiculous. But I can assure you that US carriers lock all devices as soon as a SIM is in and the device is turned on.
    Not True: Verizon does not lock any of their 4G LTE devices. As for SIM free devices purchased from Apple at full price those are not carrier locked either. I have used a SIM Free 6 Plus on both Verizon and AT&T never had to have either company unlock the device, and was able to swap the SIM's flawlessly several times. My friend has used his AT&T SIM in my Verizon 7 Plus it did not lock my phone to AT&T as I was able to reinsert my Verizon SIM without issue. If you buy an SIM Free iPhone or a Verizon iPhone it will stay unlocked.

    Verizon unlocking policy:
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    Hhhmmm. All very interesting. I am re-thinking the whole matter of the SIM- free option, because two things may be important for me. (1) The Apple Upgrade program and (2) Apple Care just in case. However, any re-sale benefit is important because I will likely change to the next new phone, either way.
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