1. eyecrispy's Avatar
    Is anyone else seeing random "cannot activate cellular network" messages pop up on their iPhone 7? I've gotten it 4-5 times this morning and I've had a solid connection each time. So I didn't actually lose anything, but keep getting the message.

    09-17-2016 12:23 PM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    It might be a defective SIM card.
    09-17-2016 05:45 PM
  3. TheRewardisCheese's Avatar
    This is usually an issue with your carrier needing to provision your account properly. Try giving them a call to update the IMEI for the iPhone. I know it sounds weird but sometimes this happens, especially when switching from another phone that is not an iPhone. I have run into this over the years before since I used to swap between phones a lot. Takes them about 1-2 minutes to do it.

    Hope this helps.
    09-17-2016 10:44 PM
  4. dictoresno's Avatar
    I've been having issues all day with my phone dropping to no service a lot. Verizon stated it was because I was using my iPhone 6 SIM card in the phone. And I was doing that because the preinstalled SIM refused to activate last night. Oh well, on the new SIM that came with the phone. I'll see what tomorrow is like.
    09-18-2016 02:53 AM
  5. dictoresno's Avatar
    09-20-2016 01:36 AM
  6. eyecrispy's Avatar
    I haven't had the issue since Saturday midday. I will continue to keep an eye out. If it continues, I will probably go into the AT&T store. I did, however, see all the articles about the issues, so it may not be a sim issue.
    09-20-2016 10:29 AM
  7. dictoresno's Avatar
    T-Mobile pushed a new carrier settings update to 25.2 to rectify the issue on their network. Looks like we all need the same.
    09-21-2016 02:49 AM

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