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    So, as a subscriber on T-Mobile and lucky enough to be grandfathered into Jump on Demand, I have been blessed with upgrading 3 times a year. I currently have one last upgrade having gone from the HTC 10 (had to trade in because the polarized display was weird with polarized glasses) and currently have a Galaxy s7 that I quite like. However, in all honesty, the latest iteration of the iPhone has me jonesing for an iOS device. All of my stuff is centered around Google services so it wouldn't be the most painful switch as Google music, YouTube Red, Google play movies and so on all work on iOS of course. And to get the complete nuances of how I want my phone to run I'll likely jailbreak it when the inevitable jailbreak drops and that'll make the switch even easier. I love the nuances and customization of Android, but am a little tired of the bloat and what not so I'm thinking an iPhone would be an interesting change. Outside of iMessage and the unexpected (but very welcomed) stereo speakers, the iPhone seems to finally have software with near the level of customization you'd expect from Android as well as nuanced hardware features like water resistance that makes an iPhone devilishly tempting. The whole headphone jack doesn't even bother me anyways as I have Bluetooth earbuds, my car is Bluetooth, and the new Vizio soundbar systems have chromecast built in so I'm set (don't get me wrong, the 3.5mm jack is timeless and provides significantly better performance, but I've mostly gone wireless recently because of convenience purposes... Wired sound systems are better and cheaper, but the wireless sound systems from Vizio are pretty awesome). Hopefully the battery life on the iPhone 7 is improved enough in real world situations that it offers enough range to limit range anxiety. My Galaxy S7 and even the HTC 10 I had earlier this year were by no means endurance champs (I can expect day long performance with average use), but the quick charging was a blessing. Being able to hop between classes all day long, come home, plug my phone in for 15-30 minutes to get about 20-50% battery back, and then leave to go out to the bars or to a party is so satisfying it'll be a pain to let it go.

    What do you guys think? I would love to hear feedback from fellow Android to iOS concerts and longtime iOS users alike.

    Big question though, if I convert to iOS but decide I want to trade for the next galaxy or lg, will I have any problems receiving texts? I strongly remember people having issues getting texts because iMessage was still active even though they factory restored an iPhone and removed their account.

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    09-15-2016 04:58 AM
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    If you are going to an android or anything other than an ios device, you must sign out of imessage then turn imessage off in the settings app (I also sign out of FaceTime and turn it off). Do this BEFORE you remove your sim card. Alternatively you could deregister the device on Icloud but for me it was easier to just sign out then pop my sim card out and put in new device.

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    09-15-2016 07:21 AM

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