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    Hello Listmates:
    I hope someone can help me with a problem I had last night reserving an iPhone 7 thru the Apple upgrade program. I attempted to sign up my wife's phone line for the program. I had my line already in the program sInce last year's launch and was able to create the upgrade to my line within a minute on the Apple Store app. At 3:01 am. Immediately thereafter, I went onto my wife's phone to access the Apple Store app to sign her up for the apple upgrade program and to reserve a phone for her at the same time and place I upgrade my phone.
    After a few short minutes, I was able to access the Apple Store app on my wife's phone. I figured out the link to the apple upgrade program and I input the info to get the process rolling to sign her up for the apple upgrade program.
    I got to the screen to input her phone number, zip code and last four digits of social security number and a got a spinning wheel for a while, sometimes I would get to the next dialog box to input my verizon account password. At this point, I would get the spinning wheel for several long minutes and then an error message more or less as follows( it was a long night and I was tired):" we are unable to check with the carrier at this time due to overwhelming activity"
    This happened several times.
    Finally after 45 minutes, I got past this point, and dialog boxes appeared to complete the sign up of the Apple iPhone upgrade program including agreement to terms with citizen one for the loan and credit card information to pay for phone and to deduct the monthly installments, etc. I got to the end of the process and a confirmation screen appeared which I don't recall exactly what it said.
    All good, right? Not so sure.
    I got an email within a minute (3:48 am) that the order was being processed and that I would receive an email when items are ready to be picked up.
    At 6:24 am I get another email that my iPhone has been reserved with a reservation number and a message that " we will email you when we are able to reach the carrier systems. the email will include instructions to complete your order as well as the return link. you will have 24 hours from the time the email is sent to return to the Apple online store to proceed with your order. if you do not complete your purchase within 24 hours reservation will be canceled. "

    At 6:47 am I received another email that stated" important information about your iPhone reservation. Here's an update to you order request we are ready to proceed with your iPhone order. your reservation number is XXXXXXXXXX. Please click here to return to the Apple online store. to maintain the delivery priority of your iPhone or you will need to complete your purchase by September 10, 4:00 PM PDT. If you do not complete your purchase by the time your reservation will be canceled. "
    So I followed the instructions and the link in this email. I input the required information and get a message to the effect that an iPhone has already been ordered for this phone number and this is a duplicate order and can not be processed.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Does anyone know what happened and if I have an iPhone reserved at the Apple Store to replace my wife's phone?

    I don't want to assume anything because I was able to reserve a phone on my OWN phone line which was in the apple upgrade program SINCE LAST September. Within a minute of accessing the Apple Store app from my phone. I immediately received an entirely different clear email that my reservation was confirmed and to check in with a specialist in a specific time window. It even had a pickup code included.

    Regarding my wife's phone, I was just able to click on the order number in the 3:48 am email advising me that the order was being processed and was directed to a screen on Apple Store.com that my order was being processed and had a check in window as desired.
    09-09-2016 08:06 AM
  2. moshun's Avatar
    The same has happened to me, except in the "complete your order" email, when I click through it says the reservation number doesn't exist. In the meantime I've been approved for an iphone loan and my credit card has been charged. My guess is this is Verizon's fault. I don't really want to spend hours on the Apple help line either.
    09-09-2016 01:14 PM
  3. ekneeiphone's Avatar
    At this pointI have deduced that somehow the process completed once, although it didn't seem that way at the time and when the process was attempted again, it was stopped due to a duplicate. There must have been so much traffic on the verizon servers, it froze.

    I clicked on the order number in the original email and it said that it was processing the item and indicated a check in window as applied. Later in the day, I received a welcome email from citizen one loan. Which included a loan number and confirmed that the first monthly payment was made. I am optimistic that the phone will be ready for pick up on the date and time of the appointment. How can they charge me for the first monthly payment if there is no phone?
    09-09-2016 06:03 PM
  4. TLD1's Avatar
    I plan on walking into my Verizon store and doing the upgrade face to face anyway. The online deal gets messed up each year, and only tends to frustrate most people.
    09-10-2016 09:29 AM
  5. ekneeiphone's Avatar
    You need to set up the appointment online at least for the first few weeks after launch day.
    09-10-2016 10:04 AM

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