1. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Good luck everyone!

    Official: Waiting up for iPhone 7/7+ pre-order pajama party!-napoleon-dynamite.jpg
    09-09-2016 02:59 AM
  2. simplylaurakb's Avatar
    2 iPhone & Pluses, pink for me, jet black for my husband. His first time with a plus; couldn't resist the camera!
    09-09-2016 02:59 AM
  3. donawalt's Avatar
    Hi all. Just checking in, I am joining the madness :-)
    09-09-2016 03:00 AM
  4. gvndeb60's Avatar
    Good luck!
    09-09-2016 03:01 AM
  5. pkcable's Avatar
    Still nothing here
    09-09-2016 03:01 AM
  6. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    09-09-2016 03:01 AM
  7. Evilguppy's Avatar
    Can't get in
    09-09-2016 03:02 AM
  8. pkcable's Avatar
    Nothing at Apple
    09-09-2016 03:03 AM
  9. gvndeb60's Avatar
    Nothing here.....PANIC!!! lol
    09-09-2016 03:03 AM
  10. jmecca09's Avatar
    3:03 and Apple Store won't let me order.
    09-09-2016 03:03 AM
  11. tmadsen's Avatar
    Same story every year...sigh
    09-09-2016 03:03 AM
  12. DarlaMack's Avatar
    LOL What in the world!!!!!????
    09-09-2016 03:03 AM
  13. Evilguppy's Avatar
    09-09-2016 03:04 AM
  14. T48's Avatar
    Brutal. I'd cancel and go to a store Friday
    Was on pocketnow earlier today & they quoted something about Apple expects to sell out due to supply. So one may not want to cancel.

    "Don’t be surprised if you find Apple Stores devoid of iPhone 7 boxes come this first weekend of sales. You may instead see mildly disappointed people walking away empty-handed.

    In the past, a huge influx of pre-orders and first-wave sales would deplete initial iPhone SE stock in a snap and prolong shipping times for the original Apple Watch.

    Well, Infinite Loop is finally admitting to investors that they should not be paying attention to first-weekend sales figures — Apple won’t be announcing them anymore.

    “As we have expanded our distribution through carriers and resellers to hundreds of thousands of locations around the world, we are now at a point where we know before taking the first customer pre-order that we will sell out of iPhone 7,” the company stated to CNBC.

    The missive goes on to say that sales from the starting gun will be capped “by supply, not demand“. We may infer that an initial sales disclosure would give away Apple’s projected sales curb and its poor planning based on expectations or that Apple was simply very late in submitting mass production orders.

    It’ll be interesting to hear what Tim Cook may say come next earnings call."
    09-09-2016 03:04 AM
  15. gvndeb60's Avatar
    What time does it normally actually open up?
    09-09-2016 03:04 AM
  16. Sekelani Zwambila's Avatar
    Still down
    09-09-2016 03:05 AM
  17. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    I feel like this happens every time?
    DarlaMack likes this.
    09-09-2016 03:06 AM
  18. Panthers1521's Avatar
    Come one! Has it been like this in the past?
    09-09-2016 03:06 AM
  19. torini's Avatar
    Still down in the UK as well.
    09-09-2016 03:06 AM
  20. Frehley's Avatar
    Anyone get into the store yet?
    09-09-2016 03:06 AM
  21. jmecca09's Avatar
    Happens every time.
    09-09-2016 03:07 AM
  22. evorc's Avatar
    They are late. Nope!
    09-09-2016 03:07 AM
  23. reygza's Avatar
    iPad, iPhone, iMac, same story...no Store.
    09-09-2016 03:07 AM
  24. hermdog's Avatar
    Someone forgot to flip the switch! :-)
    09-09-2016 03:08 AM
  25. metllicamilitia's Avatar
    Gah, T-Mobile site is being worked on, getting it sorted now.
    09-09-2016 03:08 AM
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