1. garrett96's Avatar
    My 6 Plus is having issues holding a charge. However, that's the only complaint that I have about it. Would it be pointless to upgrade to a 7 or should I get the battery replaced and hang on until next year when the alleged iPhone 8 is released? I keep going back and forth about what to do.
    09-07-2016 05:16 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I don't know about you, but the iPhone 7 Plus is worth the upgrade to "me". Having said that, if your "only complaint" about your current iPhone is the fact that it's not maintaining a charge then you should simply get the battery replaced, in my opinion.
    09-07-2016 05:56 PM
  3. nikkimd11's Avatar
    If I were you I would definitely upgrade, batteries with time always start draining faster, and if you have the money to make the upgrade go for it. My suggestion would be to either sell your current phone to recuperate some money from the purchase of the iPhone 7 or give it to a family member whom may need a phone.
    09-07-2016 08:17 PM
  4. Tartarus's Avatar
    I am on a iPhone 6, coming from a 5s. The iPhone 6 was not a big jump from the 5s. The 6s was much faster than the 6. Knowing this, the 7 will beat the 6 in every regard.

    I'm gonna preorder mine next Friday.
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    09-07-2016 08:20 PM
  5. dchandler's Avatar
    To me it's worth it, all the new upgrades from the iPhone 6 Plus is a BIG upgrade only if your going to use the features. But like Just_Me_D said, if your only gripe is the battery it might be better for you to just get the battery replaced.
    Dwood1970 likes this.
    09-07-2016 08:47 PM

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