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    As popular as Tech21 is, they are pretty hit and miss for me. The Evo Mesh/Check line is a miss for me, even the new Urban Edition. The Urban Edition has different design on the back than the standard Evo Mesh/Check and it feels like it has improved grip as well. The grip is why I decided to buy it even though I was certain it still had the one thing I can't stand on Tech21 cases. I was right; on all accounts. The back of the Urban Edition has a better texture and by that I mean it has texture and not just a smooth back. The texture alternates with the pattern on the back, and there are some places that still have no texture and is just grip, but there is a texture you can see from the inside as well. The alternating texture and design just seems to add some character to the case while adding some grip when you need it no matter how you hold it.

    As far as cutouts go you won't have any issues. The mute switch cutout seems a little narrow but it still easily accessible. The buttons seem a little stiff, the case is TPU after all but it still bothers me a little. This case will fit over the skin I have on my phone, though it does make using the buttons slightly more annoying as they don't quite sit where they should. Speakers, microphones, and cables will all be usable, even the larger third party charging cables shouldn't have any problems. One gripe I do have is how generic the camera cutout is. It's rounded by the camera bump and flat by the flash. That design has always felt lazy and boring to me. As far as the one thing I really can't stand about these Tech21 cases, the Urban Edition included, it's the bottom of the case. It's loose, easily moved accidentally and it's just really annoying. It really wouldn't be any harder or more expensive to add something inside the case to make it more solid. It really baffles me why Tech21 doesn't do this.

    • Average cost
    • Adds grip
    • Adds texture

    • Fits a little loose
    • Bottom feels flimsy
    • Buttons don't seem aligned quite right

    Tech21 makes decent cases and the Urban Edition improves the feel of the case. If all you want is a standard priced case that adds some grip to your phone without adding a lot of bulk, it's worth checking out. I'm not going to give a raving or glowing review to this case as it doesn't fit my criteria for a great case, but it does fit the bill for an average case and comes in clear/white or smokey/black. It's also easily attainable at a wide variety of stores and all over the place online. You can even buy directly from Tech21 here.
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