1. Kilwillie's Avatar
    I'm in AZ and AT&T LTE is pretty solid for me here. I've thought in the past about checking out Verizon, but now it sounds like I'm better off where I'm at!
    05-11-2017 07:12 PM
  2. Jude526's Avatar
    Am trying the LTE again. Only area it's bad is at my friends house. She is going to call Verizon about it. Get daughter has same issue
    06-15-2017 07:08 PM
  3. camaroz1985's Avatar
    I guess a plus to the Apple annual release of phones is that if you are staying with iOS, you pretty much only have one choice for a year (well two or three if you want to try different sizes), so you probably won't be tempted by a shiny new device until the next iPhones come out.
    libra89 likes this.
    06-16-2017 08:51 AM
  4. muckle_dabuckle's Avatar
    I've had my 7 Plus for three weeks now and I'm still liking iOS better than Android (other than the notification system). No desire to switch back. I thought it was just exaggeration that iOS apps were better but I'm finding that to be true in most cases. Little differences but enough to make the experience better.

    I'm no conspiracy theorist but I'm wondering if some of these reception issues are do to Apple partially crippling the Qualcomm modem to perform similarly to the Intel modems. Perhaps it wasn't designed to work that way?
    06-16-2017 09:13 AM
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