1. steveh552's Avatar
    I have four iPhones, mine plus each for my kids. I have it set up so I can use "Find my iPhone" to see their phones. Today I wake up and pull it up to ensure they are in school and I only see my MacBook and iPhone. Check my account and it says family information unavailable, last night it worked just fine. Apple issue? Kids find away to remove themselves? Family information unavailable-file-mar-20-10-11-22-am-copy.jpg
    03-20-2017 09:18 AM
  2. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    If you know their Apple ID, just go to the Find My iPhone app and log in with their Apple ID. You should see the location of their phone. Could be a temporary glitch. Try later. Make sure your wifi/cellular signals are ok. If their phones are powered off, you won't see them.
    03-20-2017 09:26 AM
  3. shutter's Avatar
    Mine also says family information unavailable, as well as my son's.

    Must be an Apple glitch.
    03-20-2017 09:49 AM
  4. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Likewise... google says they are having issues.
    03-20-2017 09:57 AM
  5. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Also, I know Find My iPhone (FMi) is a great tool but for Family Sharing may I recommend using Find My Friends (FMF).

    Several reasons it offers more for families than just FMi:

    - Kids can use it to see where you are but can't access tools such as wipe or play sound
    - You can geofence. Like you my daughter takes her phone to school. I get a notification when she arrives and one when she leaves so I know she's there all day.
    - Everyone is a different colour so you can easily differentiate between devices/people
    - FMi needs a login. FMF doesn't.

    Mix that with iOS restriction for young children and they'll be hard pressed change the settings
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    03-20-2017 10:08 AM
  6. anon(4697585)'s Avatar
    Oh and when Family Sharing goes down FMF still works
    03-20-2017 10:09 AM
  7. Annie_M's Avatar
    Another option is to contact Apple Support via Twitter, if you have a Twitter account. I've had good luck with this, and they respond in a timely manner. Here's a link: https://twitter.com/AppleSupport
    03-20-2017 10:18 AM
  8. shutter's Avatar
    It's fixed for me now.
    03-20-2017 10:22 AM
  9. steveh552's Avatar
    Thanks for all the replies. I have find friends on as well as FMI. I just got home from work and pulled it up to test it and its working again so it was obviously a glitch.
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    03-20-2017 09:02 PM
  10. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    I recently came across this Apple page:

    03-21-2017 01:36 PM

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