1. candy84's Avatar
    How much usage on average does the 7+ get per battery charge
    01-02-2017 05:36 PM
  2. mumfoau's Avatar
    I'm currently sitting at 2 hr, 48 min usage with 8 hr, 52 min standby. You must be mindful though that not all usage is the same. Listening to music stored on your phone for an hour with the screen off is less taxing than watching YouTube or gaming for an hour.
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    01-02-2017 06:37 PM
  3. Brian W1's Avatar
    I will say this, the battery life is great! I'm a pretty heavy user and can make it through a day easy. That's hours on the phone, some YouTube, a few games, and a lot of texting. It's the best battery in any phone I've had, and I've had a LOT of phones!
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    01-03-2017 02:02 AM

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