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    Halito, chim achuckma!

    New to iPhone, long time Android user, well Linux in general (18 years), who got tired of waiting for updates from Verizon for his Android no root, bootloader locked cellphones. Last phone was the Sony Z3v (has root, locked bootlaoder), had a BB Priv but never got to use it (long story), wound up with the 7+ 128 GB, 'cause I wanted a phone Verizon didn't have a death grip on and would receive updates to the OS without VZW's song and dance of "SOON" cry.

    In Android I was the first to discover in the developer section (and reported to the community at large) of the OS that you could effectively speed up the UI with a few tweaks to the Window animation, Transition animation and Animator duration scale (setting to "off"), this would make the phone respond instantly to user input, windows open/closed, screen wake instantly and so forth. Is there anything that can be done to iOS to make it respond in the same way? I have Googled how-to remove animation "reduce motion" and try and make iOS to have faster response, I tired all suggestions and settings I could find that would make it faster but iOS still lags (smooth, but a slow smooth) when I press anything taking a short pause before it responds, annoying. Is there anyway to make it instant upon user input?

    Next: Lightning to HDMI -- How do you set up iOS when using YouTube so that when you are watching a video that exceeds your screen off time the screen remains on but dimmed? The Sony Z3v I am use to allows this, so you can skip commercials by pressing the on screen of the device "skip" icon without having to unlock the device (all I can see is set screen off to "Never.") The Sony has a way to adjust the mirrored content to the screen size edges (fit onto TV screen), is there a way in iOS to do the same, mirrored is slightly larger than TV screen, if so can someone point me to it?

    More questions to come I am sure.

    Before someone says he's a TROLL, I assure you I am an owner of a Verizon iPhone 7 plus and these are legit questions I have.
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    12-08-2016 06:11 PM
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    The questions you've asked are not troll-like, in my opinion so don't fret it. As for your questions, be patient while awaiting a response. Thanks b
    12-08-2016 09:08 PM
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    Thanks, I just wanted to make sure since I mentioned Android in my introduction.

    Still trying to figure things out,
    Some of the things are more Sony related tweaks than Android proper.
    12-09-2016 02:21 AM
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    Also a long time Android user since VZW came out with the Droid X.

    As for animations, I have reduced motion off and it's been really smooth for me.

    For the lightning to HDMI, it's just screen mirroring so screen needs to be on. I haven't found a way to have it off without the screen on the TV going off. I just turn the phone over so I don't see light. Another option is casting with Chromecast but I can't use chromecast since I'm at hotels a good amount so I just use the Lightning to HDMI. iOS controls everything and you cannot do much to control it. That is a downside of iOS but so far I love iOS.

    Not sure if it's possible on a jailbroken device but I would look that route if you wanted to try it out. I know with xfinity cable TV, I cannot mirror it but with a jailbroken device and an app, it works.
    12-09-2016 10:53 AM
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    Welcome to iOS, the iPhone...and to iMore! We're glad to have you aboard. I hope you find answers to any questions or issues that you might have, and find the community here happy to help you. There is a wealth of "iKnowledge" here, and sharing that is what the forum family is here for.
    12-09-2016 06:06 PM

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