1. mach1man's Avatar
    So I really wanted to get a new mophie juice case.... but recently found out that they didn't make one for the 7+. Instead we get a magnetic case that a power bank attaches to then run the cord to charge the phone... this completely defeats the purpose of a charging case!! I want less cords and more protection. I really wish mophie would've released a juice case like the other models.

    What do you all think??
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    11-08-2016 10:46 PM
  2. TripleOne's Avatar
    They are in the process of creating a new Juice Pack for the 7 and 7 Plus
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    11-08-2016 10:48 PM
  3. RHChan84's Avatar
    I think it's a temporary solution for now.
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    11-08-2016 10:51 PM
  4. mach1man's Avatar
    Hopefully bc I really want an all in one case.
    11-08-2016 11:36 PM
  5. o4liberty's Avatar
    Do you really need extra battery with the 7 plus battery life ?
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    11-08-2016 11:48 PM
  6. RHChan84's Avatar
    I would love to have a case with a battery built in. I go into labs where I don't use my phone and I leave at 4:30 and my phone is at 20%. I can **** it off but I will miss my notification. I just put my phone by the window where it toggles between 3G and 1X.

    But days where I don't go into a lab like that, I don't even bother charging until I go to bed with heavy usage.
    11-09-2016 12:36 AM
  7. TLD1's Avatar
    I hope Mophie can design a battery case for the Plus that doesn't make the device a brick. The Plus is already an almost-too-big phone as it is, and it doesn't need anything making it any bigger/heavier. I tried a Mophie case on the 6s Plus I had briefly and with the added length below the bottom bezel, it made the phone gargantuan, and super heavy in my pocket.

    Hey, I'd love some extra battery life...but not at the expense of portability, and that's an ideal that's strained as it is with the Plus.
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    11-09-2016 07:46 AM
  8. DLieSaS's Avatar
    3rd-party-cases would be so much better if Apple opens up the APIs to its battery-case-integration. Probably won't happen but one can dream…
    11-10-2016 03:01 AM
  9. mach1man's Avatar
    Do you really need extra battery with the 7 plus battery life ?
    At times I do, like when I go to a all day race event or out on the motorcycle running pandora and bluetooth. I have a standalone power bank but those can be a pain to carry at times
    11-10-2016 07:36 AM
  10. erwaso's Avatar
    I have a mophie juice pack. Don't feel it's NOT worth it as it charges super ...duper ...slow.

    Glad it was only $10 for a 6000 one I think
    11-10-2016 08:15 AM
  11. Xenden's Avatar
    Solvent the 6 and 6 plus came out, Mophie announced compatible battery cases at CES in January.
    11-10-2016 03:14 PM
  12. Mac Guy's Avatar
    What do you all think??
    I think you failed to understand that what Mophie made wasn't a charging case but a base case for their Hold Force line of products. They did not offer it as a charging case. The Power Station that attaches to it can be used with other devices. A phone case can't. You're trying to call an apple an orange.

    It's not designed to be a temporary solution. It's a different product line for a different use-case.

    The 7+ and phones of that size are practically a brick anyway. Adding a juice pack just exacerbates the problem. I ditched a Mophie case for my 5s because it was such a drag to lug around. But if that's what you need, that's what you need.

    Glad it was only $10 for a 6000 one I think
    1) I very much doubt that Mophie made a Juice Pack rated at 6000mA.
    2) Any Mophie product you paid only $10 was either used or counterfeit.
    3) All of these devices charge on the slow side or they'd get pretty warm and heat up the phone. The idea is to turn them on before you actually need them.

    Mophie has usually made three capacities of cases resulting in three different weights and thicknesses. They're too pricey for my taste, but there should be something for everybody once they ship, if you've got the ching.
    11-10-2016 04:10 PM
  13. Bl00dRunzC0ld's Avatar
    Don't feel it's NOT worth it as it charges super ...duper ...slow.
    Lolwut? So is it worth it or not?
    11-10-2016 07:08 PM
  14. DLieSaS's Avatar
    That definitely doesn't seem right: for $10 it has to have been a crappy knock-off…
    11-11-2016 02:25 AM

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