1. tikchowdhurry's Avatar
    I want an iloome glass protector for my 7+, but they are out of stock. Are the 6 and 7 +'s truly identical such that the 6+ glass protectors will work flawlessly on the 7+'s?

    Just wondering why, if they are identical, does iloome have 6+ protectors in stock but say they're out of 7+ protectors. Wouldn't they just put the 6+ protectors in the 7+ boxes and sell them, rather than lose business?
    And I'm not suggesting that they commit fraud or deceptive sales practices; because if the glass protectors are identical then they are presumably producing one product and putting it in either a 6+ or a 7+ box.

    10-27-2016 04:26 AM
    The screen protectors will fit cuz it the same size it the cases that don't fit
    10-27-2016 04:27 AM
  3. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    While the iPhone 7 display is slightly brighter and has a wide color gamut, the glass is the same size and shape of the iPhone 6/6s. If your only concern is fitting a screen protector you'll be fine.
    10-27-2016 05:34 AM
  4. tikchowdhurry's Avatar
    10-28-2016 12:26 AM
  5. firstborn80's Avatar
    The ear piece is longer on the 7 plus because of the addition of a speaker. I originally purchased a Zagg but it covered part of the ear piece. If the screen protector covers it up and that won't bother you, go for it.
    10-28-2016 04:36 PM
  6. ndirishfan1975's Avatar
    A screen protector made for the 6/6s Plus won't fit correctly. The ear piece of the 7 is also a speaker and is much larger than the 6/6s Plus earpiece. Covering up part of the earpiece would affect the quality of any audio playback.
    10-28-2016 10:18 PM
  7. tikchowdhurry's Avatar
    Excellent info. Thank you both
    10-28-2016 11:36 PM

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