1. michaeljdewilde's Avatar
    Yeah I made that transition too, still miss parts of the blackberry but then I find better and easier to use solutions on the iPhone. Only thing I miss is the old school blackberry messenger alerts.
    10-29-2016 09:13 AM
  2. LDYNREDD's Avatar
    BlackBerry's are the biggest pain in the neck when transferring data from one device to an iPhone. Everything is completely different. What I would suggest is complete the transfer via all cloud services, this is going to be the easiest process for you. Find a good contact cloud app, BB has some in there store that are on the iOS App Store. Just plug your BB onto your PC and transfer your photos to your PC, if you really want them on your phone you can Google how to transfer them back onto the iPhone, or you can do the easy route and upload them to Google Photos and then download the app on your iPhone, super easy. Don't worry about apps cause BB doesn't have crap for Apps compared to Apple, once you start going through all the apps in the App Store you'll completely forget about your BB. Your emails will take care of everything else, email, calendars, tasks, reminders etc, assuming the server is setup properly. I actually deploy and transfer data from phone to phone everyday as it is part of my job and let me tell you BB is a complete pain when it comes to transferring data to another device. HOWEVER! Do not get discouraged, after a couple of weeks of settling into the iPhone you will never look back. The device is incredible!
    Thanks for the advice, I will give photos app a try. Now if only the iPhone would get here already so I can try everything out
    10-29-2016 03:10 PM
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