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    About 2 months ago my wife and I bought 2 of the Samsung s7 active on AT&T. But we both hate this phone and are getting ready to go back to Apple and purchase iPhones. As a side note resell value on android is garbage compared to iPhones.
    So here is the question. We are going to get the plus phone. If you had to choose between 6s plus with 128 or 7 plus with 32 what would you go with?
    If you think 7 plus with 128 is the only way to go please let me know.
    We will do that but trying to keep costs down cause we will be ordering two watches also.

    Thanks for your replies.
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    09-25-2016 12:23 PM
  2. applefan4515's Avatar
    If it were me I would go for the 7 plus. I've always had 16gb phones. This is my first 32. I always made the 16s work, as I don't have a lot of apps and don't keep music on my phone (thank you Apple Music and grandfathered unlimited data plan). I also don't take a lot of pictures or videos that I keep. If you want to keep cost down, but need higher storage then go with the 6s plus. Performance is practically identical between the two. For me the 7 plus is a better choice due to the water and dust resistance, but I work in a dusty wet environment. Plus I have been dreaming of a home button like this forever. We'll sort of. I wish it was just flush but this is close enough. The camera is awesome and the optical zoom helps. I'm more of a general picture taker, but then coming out nice is always a plus. The zoom helps me capture pictures of my daughter that I couldn't otherwise get, not with such clarity and quality at least. I would suggest that you go to a store and spend some time playing with both before you make your decision.
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    09-25-2016 01:28 PM
  3. Tartarus's Avatar
    I don't know why but it pleases me to read when somebody comes back from Samsung to Apple.
    On a serious note:

    I am a power user and got the 256GB version of the iPhone 7.

    Depending on your usage on the previous iPhones you have used, you could make an estimation on how much storage you will need.
    If you were to install less than 50 apps and not store more than 2000 photos and less than 100 videos, 32GB should be enough for you.
    If you are gonna exceed those numbers, play safe and buy the 128GB instead.
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    09-25-2016 01:30 PM
  4. Mustafaozcan33's Avatar
    Buy 7 plus. Don't buy 16gb version.
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    09-25-2016 01:44 PM
  5. DarkKnight08's Avatar
    Buy 7 plus. Don't buy 16gb version.
    There is no 16 gb version.
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    09-25-2016 01:46 PM
  6. Mustafaozcan33's Avatar
    There is no 16 gb version.
    Fksjdmfmmdnsnswnnanfsjdnajfj i think there is no 32gb version. I always confuse them
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    09-25-2016 01:55 PM
  7. nnahorski's Avatar
    I would go with the 7+ vs. the 6S+ for many reasons, chief among them being newer internals (in theory, more "future proof"); dual camera with true opitcal zoon; better camera with large f stop and pixels; water and dust resistance; and slightly better battery life.

    I also recommend getting the 128 GB 7+, not the entry level storage tier. There are a lot of people here who get by with the entry level storage amount (32 GB in the 7+), but I just don't see how they do that. I always get the highest storage tier, and even though I don't use it all, it is peace of mind for me. The difference between the 32 GB 7+ and 128 GB 7+ is $100, which is not insignificant, but if you're doing a carrier installment plan or Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, the cost is about $4 more per month to get more storage.
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    09-25-2016 02:15 PM
  8. tech_fan's Avatar
    I would go with the iPhone 7 128gb and bite the bullet. Or if it's just too much then I would go with the 6s plus 128gb. This also depends on whether ur going to be going with a 2 year contract. If ur doing the 2 year commitment then I would go with the iPhone 7 plus.

    Don't do the 32gb. I have friends that went with the 16gb 6s and they have to constantly make space on the phone. They miss notifications and texts because they don't have the space until they delete stuff. Besides the difference between the 32gb and 128gb isn't all that much.
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    09-25-2016 09:30 PM
  9. jdfry15's Avatar
    I think it depends on your habits. I would go with iPhone 7 plus. I don't download any music to my phone and cloud backup all my photos so the 32gb should be fine for me even though I always went with 64gb before and never came close to filling it up.
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    09-25-2016 09:40 PM
  10. Kevin Harvell's Avatar
    I would recommend the 7 Plus 128GB versions as well. But am curious why you did not like the S7 Active?

    Too much battery life?
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    09-26-2016 12:48 AM
  11. bed269's Avatar
    First let me say thanks for all the input.
    Think I've talked the wife into going with the 7 plus 128.
    My convincing argument was we are saving 100 per watch since we are getting the series 1 watch. She just shook her head and said ok. Lol

    The s7 active is really a great phone. Durable, battery is lasts forever and paired with the gear s2 it's nice.
    I just prefer iPhone and Apple products. I had the 6s and series 0 watch and just liked it better.
    If you like android you really can't beat it.
    The one thing Samsung is better at is Samsung Pay. It works everywhere. Even the small mom and pop corner stores. I will miss that.
    Thanks again on the input.
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    09-26-2016 01:08 AM

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