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    Hi all - looking for some advice. My wife, who uses my old iPhone 6s, has a battery under the recall program. She took the phone in this year and left it for a couple hours, and when she returned, they handed the phone to her and said they wouldn't fix it because they found water damage inside.

    Now, this phone has never been dropped in water, so that part is a mystery. Plus, didn't Apple recently say they were going to stop being such a pain about the phantom water damage? Finally, if the battery is under recall, how is water damage, however real or imagined, even a valid excuse not to replace the battery?

    I would have made a scene if I had been there to pick it up. But that opportunity is lost now. Any suggestions? I could email Tim but that's always a crap shoot. Tweeting Apple support? Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    01-10-2017 02:28 AM
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    just make a fuss on every forum you can, publicise your issue freely, and perhaps write(on paper) to the manager of the shop your wife took it to.
    01-10-2017 04:36 AM
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    Thats when you hand the phone back and ask them to show you the proof of water damage. They are making a claim and you have a right to see what they are talking about. If they refuse escalate.
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    01-11-2017 02:30 PM

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