1. Darryl Hill's Avatar
    So, I got a replacement for my 6S (previous had a sticky power button resulting in many screenshots of my lock screen), and have been noticing random occurrences of the the screen detecting false touches. This has resulted in the screen swiping itself right, inability to backspace as it seems to be detecting other keyboard keys being pressed at the same time, etc. It also seems as thought the bottom portion of the screen becomes a deadzone at times. Created a little video demonstrating this.

    Anyone else seen this and know of a fix (other than a replacement or repair)? Turning the screen off and on again usually recovers from the behavior.
    10-18-2016 03:06 PM
  2. Packer156's Avatar
    I find a guide for iPhone 6 ghost touch issue fix. Hope to help you.
    How To Fix iPhone 6 Ghost Touching - HCQS Blog | Cell Phone Repair Tips
    10-28-2016 01:31 AM
  3. Darryl Hill's Avatar
    Thanks for that, I ended up getting it replaced. You really can't beat Apple's customer service.
    11-01-2016 11:49 AM

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