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    today I noticed something "weird".

    I pulled down the notification center halfway down and swiped it back up to the top, I then noticed the homescreen Icons moved like 2-4 pixels diagonally (from bottom right to top left). I looked for a tool to record the screen on Windows and found something, but as soon as airplay started I couldnt reproduce the "issue" because it wasnt there, no matter how often I pulled the down the menu/center.

    It is also not always, I would say it happens randomly.

    Someone noticed something similar? First time today I noticed it.

    If this helps:

    iPhone 6s
    iOS 9.3.4


    edit: Installed 9.3.3 via IPSW to see if this issue is there aswell, and yes. It is there too, also after an wipe. Can't think of an hardware failure, since it related to the homescreen only.
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    08-14-2016 07:48 AM
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    Does it in lock screen as well. Seems to happen the first time you access the Notification Center. When you slide back up. If you access a second time without moving the phone at all it doesn't occur. If you move the phone at all it will happen every time. And it moves the icons to the left or the right depending on how you orientate the phone. Turning on "reduce motion" seems to get rid of it but can't imagine this is a wanted motion by software engineers.

    Just letting you know you aren't alone in your experience. I'm having a lot of display glitches.
    08-21-2016 10:31 AM

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