1. alex_liz's Avatar
    I've been interested in the gold color until I saw it in person and didn't like it so much. I have a cracked Galaxy S4 so I'm super excited to upgrade and I pretty much know everything about the 6S but can't decide on the color. The thing is I want to keep this phone for at least 2 years and I want the color that would last the most and I wouldn't get bored of. Also, I've been thinking about getting the Space grey color lately, should I go for it? Thanks for taking the time to read this! 😊
    06-20-2016 09:13 AM
  2. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Thanks a tough question. They're all beautiful so you can't go wrong regardless of which color you pick. It boils down to personal preference.
    We have some very active threads regarding this exact subject. I recommend checking them out. Here's one for you:

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    06-20-2016 09:19 AM
  3. Quis89's Avatar
    I think you should go for the color you most enjoy. Personally I went with the silver. I had the black when I had the 5S and I could see scratches in it after two years much more easily than the white iPhones I had seen. I'd imagine the devices are not as prone to scratches these days. My next iPhone will be a toss up between gold and black. I've had Silver for the past few years. Think it's time to change it up. I love the sleekness of the black but the gold is also an eye catcher.
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    06-20-2016 09:20 AM
  4. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Welcome to iMore! Get the colour you like most. Do not base your purchase on others likes and dislikes. My best advice I can offer is to go to the Apple Store and compare them to each other side by side.See which one you like best. In the end you are the person who has to look at it every day.
    06-20-2016 09:21 AM
  5. TripleOne's Avatar
    Find the color you like. If you like the space grey, go for it
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    06-20-2016 05:55 PM
  6. Tartarus's Avatar
    I'd definitely go for the space grey if I were you. Gold and Rose Gold have lost their novelty as almost 6 out of the 10 people walk around with them.
    Get a color which you like and makes you stand out between your peers.
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    06-20-2016 06:04 PM
  7. iOS Gravity's Avatar
    I'd definitely go for the space grey if I were you. Gold and Rose Gold have lost their novelty as almost 6 out of the 10 people walk around with them.
    Get a color which you like and makes you stand out between your peers.
    Yeah. The white colored fronts are pretty common, not the black ones. They have a dark, and premium feel to them.
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    06-20-2016 09:28 PM
  8. jaleelhamid's Avatar
    I'm a male and the rose gold is amazing
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    06-20-2016 09:35 PM
  9. alex_liz's Avatar
    Thanks for all your answers!
    06-21-2016 12:57 PM
  10. Annie_M's Avatar
    When I was trying to decide this very question back in December, I ended up going with the silver. The rose color was the runner up, but when I would think about the new phone in general, I almost always visualized the silver. This is why I chose the silver. So when you close your eyes and think about the phones, is there one color that you visualize the most?
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    06-21-2016 02:56 PM
  11. wilber1's Avatar
    I got the space grey however if you use a case and most people do you will not see the colour anyway .
    06-22-2016 06:23 AM
  12. fragment137's Avatar
    I am LOVING my space grey... I'm not a big fan of the white phones, but to each their own!!
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    06-22-2016 06:46 AM
  13. agarwal.apar's Avatar
    I've a space grey 6s and recently gifted rose gold to my wife! She loves the colour, even I do
    06-22-2016 10:36 AM
  14. metalchick719's Avatar
    You mentioned you're thinking of the space gray - I think you should go for that one, then. I was all set on getting the silver one before they announced the rose gold. Needless to say, rose gold is the color I went for, and I don't regret it for a second!
    06-23-2016 04:06 PM
  15. eve6er69's Avatar
    Get a green one!
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    07-02-2016 05:53 PM
  16. mrlyons841's Avatar
    I went with the silver. My last 3 iPhones were black or space grey so I wanted to change it up a little. Also, I like the flow of the whites iOS uses on its software and how it kinda blends with the phone... If that makes sense lol
    07-21-2016 07:27 PM
  17. leslie haw's Avatar
    I've been using a silver 6 since last May. I've always thought I'm a white iPhone person but lately I've been very attracted to black iPhone faces. The black face is beautiful. Space grey might be my colour choice for my next iPhone
    07-21-2016 07:54 PM
  18. JimMLINY's Avatar
    Silver for 6s, 9.7 and 12.9 for me. Silver back and white face combo kicks for me.
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    08-14-2016 11:59 AM
  19. TripleOne's Avatar
    All space grey for my iDevices. I can only hope that Apple makes an all black iPhone.
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    08-14-2016 08:11 PM
  20. wilber1's Avatar
    Always buy space grey or black for some reason to me the other colors are cheaper looking but that's just my observation .
    08-15-2016 05:24 AM
  21. AustinIllini's Avatar
    I went gold this time, next time i'm going Bro's gold
    08-15-2016 08:31 PM

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