1. 2015Girl's Avatar
    How do you take it? Mine never comes out right
    06-05-2016 06:26 PM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    User guide on how to take photos: http://help.apple.com/iphone/9/#/iph1e767793c
    06-05-2016 06:32 PM
  3. Ledsteplin's Avatar
    06-05-2016 07:03 PM
  4. 2015Girl's Avatar
    Panorama pic??-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1465408326.304140.jpgPanorama pic??-imageuploadedbyimore-forums1465408337.054598.jpg
    Is that good??
    06-08-2016 12:52 PM
  5. robertk328's Avatar
    Those are good. Takes some practice, but the key is to go slow and watch the arrow in the line to keep it there.
    gpobernardo likes this.
    06-10-2016 04:59 PM
  6. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    Here's one I took.

    Panorama pic??-pano.jpg
    taz323 and gpobernardo like this.
    06-10-2016 05:12 PM

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