1. RKLSR's Avatar
    First time I connected to laptop, I clicked restore old phone instead of add new. It chnaged my wallpaper and I don't know what else.
    How do I get back to where I was? Do I have to delete all setting back to factory and start over?
    03-01-2016 11:18 AM
  2. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    If you want to set it as new, yup!
    Just_Me_D likes this.
    03-01-2016 04:00 PM
  3. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Go to Settings → General → Reset, and then select "Reset All Contents and Settings". When the process is complete, you will be met with the Welcome screen. Follow the prompts and then when prompted, set it up as new.
    TwitchyPuppy and Sherry_B like this.
    03-01-2016 06:19 PM
  4. robertk328's Avatar
    Nothing like the feeling of setting up as new welcome to iMore!
    03-02-2016 04:40 AM

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