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    Hello everyone !

    This is my first post here as I was on Crackberry before.

    My first smartphone was a BlackBerry Bold 9700 my ex girlfriend gave me when she bought an iPhone. I really loved this phone as it was perfect for what i needed (texts, calls, mails, clock, notes), but last year, it started to show its age, so my current girlfriend bought me a BlackBerry Q10 for my birthday (really a 'love'-story with BlackBerry haha) on September 2014. This little phone was amazing as a more modern version of my beloved BlackBerry Bold.
    But then, BlackBerry Passport came out, and i started to be fascinated by the beast. So after one year with the Q10, i bought a used Blackberry Passport on Ebay. I have no words to described how much i liked this phone.
    Then the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition came out and as a BlackBerry lover i bought it. But i didn't like the phone in hands so much compared to original and the phone was a defect unit because of a dim screen. I returned it and bought another Passport on Amazon which suffered the same issue (dim screen with yellowish taint). I returned it and started to feel betrayed. Does BlackBerry use cheaper screen on certain batch of Azerty phones ? It's unacceptable on a 600 euros phone.

    So i bought an iPhone 6s Silver 64 GO i received last Tuesday.
    It's been one week with the phone, and where i was disappointed with the phone at first, i began to like it more and more each day.

    I'll start with the things i miss from BlackBerry :

    - bedside mode and the way you configure alarm clocks (snooze function)
    - a native file manager
    - real multitasking
    - dealing with mails native

    I'll will not talk about keyboard because it's really a subjective thing. I was surprised to find i type faster on virtual keyboard than on physical keyboard. Still, i prefer physical because of the feeling when typing.

    But the lack of apps and support made me discover iOS.

    First thing i noticed was how well the iPhone naked feels in hands compared to Android or other phones. But i bought a nice Apple Leather case 'Havane' and now i feel more secured. Combined with a brownish textured wallpaper, my iPhone is really sexy.

    Coming from the Passport, I was a bit afraid with call quality and screen/display quality, but using the phone for one week, i can say both are really great. The screen is bright and call quality good too.

    I also remembered i had an old Dropbox account i started to use again as a file manager alternative on the iPhone with my PC and it works great for what i need.
    Generally the way apps interact with the whole system is an amazing thing on iOS.

    3D Touch is a great feature too. I begin to use it more and more, and even if it's still a new feature, i can't wait to see how it'll be used by developers.

    I always though Touch ID was a gimmick, but since i have the iPhone, i have to admit this is one of the features i like the most. The way i can use it in App Store, PayPal, Amazon or to unlock my phone is very efficient and it saves me a lot of time compared to a 15 letters password.

    I really like Spotlight and Notifications Center to access apps and information immediately.
    I like to be able to respond to texts and iMessages on the lock-screen too, as i receive a lot of texts during the day.

    In conclusion, i start to really like iOS and my iPhone, and the way you can configure it to be the perfect phone for you.

    Any previous BlackBerry users who switched to iOS and would like to discuss their experience ?
    Any tips would be welcome too !

    p.s. : Sorry if i made a lot of mistakes, English isn't my native language.
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    01-12-2016 04:17 AM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    I'll be brief since I've stated my story on numerous occasions. I was a REAL Blackberry fanatic. My first Blackberry device was the 7290 and my last was the original Bold (9000). I had EVERY Blackberry device in between. Anyway, when I initially switched to the iPhone (iPhone 3G), I didn't like it or better yet, I didn't give it a fair shot because my mindset was still with Blackberry, and so when it fell in the ocean, I went and purchased another Blackberry. Fast forward to 2011: After a few years with Android, I bought the iPhone 4S and haven't looked back since. I now have both the iPhone 6 Plus (backup) and the iPhone 6S Plus (primary). I'm sure I'll have the next iPhone as well.
    01-12-2016 05:40 AM
  3. leo199387's Avatar
    I don't like my passport tho..
    01-12-2016 09:10 PM
  4. Vorkosigan's Avatar
    I've recently gone the road from Blackberry to Windows phone, back to my Blackberry and now to iPhone. I've got space gray 16gb 6s and so far the only thing I regret is that I didn't get the 64gb.

    I loved my BB10 but wasn't able to bring myself to buy an Android BB10. Windows phone had a great camera and great integration with the Windows apps, but wasn't great for communication.

    I had been considering getting a Mac book air or pro for awhile so decided to take another look at the iPhone line. I'm glad I did. I really like this phone. I hadn't given a good look at an iPhone since the 3s. Back then I hated the keyboard, hated the battery life, the email experience was horrible - there was nothing to draw me away from Blackberry.

    Fast forward to today. The keyboard is very good (still miss swipe to delete a word though), the email is even better than I expected especially with the Outlook app , and I'm very impressed with the battery life on this phone.

    The 3D Touch is actually a useful and fun feature. I like the notification shade. And the phone feels good in the hand. I use Onedrive for my files and the integration has been great so I haven't missed having a file manager. I'm sure if I wanted one I could find one in the App Store.

    I was a bit nervous at trading in both my BB10 and windows phone. It's the first time since 2009 that I haven't had a Blackberry!

    I'm very happy though. This is a great phone.
    01-12-2016 09:11 PM

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