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    I got my 6s today (been using the 6s Plus for approximately a month). I wanted to do a real side my side comparison to help me determine which is the winner for me.

    My opinions on both devices are already set. I know the pros and cons of both, yet it's still hard to choose. I'm leaning back and forth right now. The more I'm using the 6s the more normal it's beginning to feel in my hands. When I first unboxed it it was a bit of a shock.

    I admit I'm liking the secure feeling in my hand of the 6s. I have no case on it and I feel there's basically no chance of me dropping it.

    I'm going to try to not even look at my Plus for 24 hours and see if I can get back to where the 6s feels normal and the Plus feels big. At this moment, the Plus feels too big and the regular feels too small. They need to bust out a 5.1" iPhone!
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