1. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I have to leave the 6S community sadly but i upgraded from my Silver 6S 16GB to the awesome iPhone 6S Plus 64GB Space Gray with a Midnight Blue Apple Leather Case. I got it from eBay for 700€ and its only 3 Months young.
    Welcome to the Space Gray 6s Plus family. ENJOY
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    04-07-2016 11:31 AM
  2. yoshimiya08's Avatar
    128gb space grey no apple care
    04-14-2016 11:05 PM
  3. yoshimiya08's Avatar
    128gb space grey 6s plus no apple care
    04-14-2016 11:05 PM
  4. lindsey_lewin's Avatar
    iPhone 6S, 64gb, silver.
    04-27-2016 07:53 AM
  5. TheVillagePrince's Avatar
    Got the 64gb space gray LAST WEEK as a birthday gift!! My first iPhone!!
    04-29-2016 12:11 AM
  6. Mohammad7971's Avatar
    iPhone 6s space grey 64gb no Apple care
    05-05-2016 10:52 PM
  7. Butterfly2's Avatar
    6s+128gb-rose gold
    6s+ 64gb-gold
    2 year apple care
    05-08-2016 01:26 AM
  8. Nubwy's Avatar
    iPhone 6s Silver
    64 GB
    05-17-2016 02:56 PM
  9. ianeb's Avatar
    Just got a 6s silver 64gb to replace my 6 plus space grey and I'm very happy! Thought I'd miss the huge screen but I'm enjoying the more usable size of the 6s
    05-20-2016 04:06 AM
  10. Ariel Babalao's Avatar
    I have the 6s plus space grey. I'm a fan of the black frame that surround the screen as it make movies on the iPhone to pop out. I watch a load of YouTube and movies on my iPhone I have to say. Beside, the space grey look beautiful to my eyes.
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    05-20-2016 05:34 PM
  11. trmamun's Avatar
    what about gold color?
    05-25-2016 12:58 PM
  12. fore569's Avatar
    I had a space grey 128gb 6s, which I gave to my wife. I now have a rose gold 128gb 6s plus
    05-25-2016 01:09 PM
  13. Jamari Staley's Avatar
    I would order a Gold iphone 6s.
    06-04-2016 03:25 PM
  14. SydAussie's Avatar
    A 6s Plus 64GB Silver!
    06-05-2016 08:20 AM
  15. iDrooid's Avatar
    Space Gray 6s + 128 GB.
    06-05-2016 10:53 PM
  16. James See's Avatar
    6s 128GB- Gold for me
    06-08-2016 02:26 AM
  17. abigailh's Avatar
    Mine is 6s 64GB Rose Gold.
    gelz092 likes this.
    06-16-2016 05:43 AM
  18. gelz092's Avatar
    Rose gold 64. Gb because I want to try something new and I really cant use 128 gb so I went for 64
    06-26-2016 11:35 AM
  19. Sicily1918's Avatar
    Space Gray 64GB -- my first iPhone since the venerable 3GS all those years ago.
    07-10-2016 01:45 AM
  20. alc1575's Avatar
    Gold 64gb 6s. I love that the gold is more of a brushed champagne color instead of a yellow-gold.
    TwitchyPuppy likes this.
    07-28-2016 07:59 PM
  21. Rajnarayan Kumar's Avatar
    I have already Gold 128GB 6S Plus iPhone,
    08-03-2016 05:31 AM
  22. MBM7881's Avatar
    6S plus in rose gold and 128GB. I bought an Otterbox defender in pink and no Apple care. I'm seriously thinking about it tho. I also got the AT&T Next Every Year plan.
    ladyc0524 likes this.
    08-03-2016 01:03 PM
  23. TwitchyPuppy's Avatar
    64GB RG 6s Plus
    08-11-2016 08:23 AM
  24. BlaineP's Avatar
    64 gig black.
    08-11-2016 02:01 PM
  25. TripleOne's Avatar
    Got a 6s+ 64gb in gold and a 6s+ 64gb in space grey for my parents
    TwitchyPuppy likes this.
    08-15-2016 03:32 AM
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