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    Hi, I had problem with my Sim card reader on my iPhone 6S Plus, and before taking to official iPhone store for diagnosis, i have been advised to backup my phone on iTunes and reset my phone, so i did and sent to official apple store for checking, noting that my phone was still under warranty, however after 2 days i received a call from apple store saying that my sim card reader is damaged and it must go for exchange however the warranty will not cover since they believe that the damage was done by user, and exchange cost is Euro 400.-, i refused the repair and asked them to send me back, however now i want to use my phone as a device without Sim Card, however my phone cannot be activated since the phone is not reading the Sim Card, please advise if there is any way to activate back to use it as music device or use all sort of applications as i was using it without Sim before taking the phone to apple repair store and before being advised to reset my phone.

    I hope you can give me a good advice


    Sevak D.
    10-22-2017 04:09 AM
  2. SwitchBeach's Avatar
    10-22-2017 08:04 AM

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